Double Award Winner for 2 Books!

Hi, beautiful friends. Two of my books have won awards from Readers’ Favorite—no small feat, as RF is one of the biggest and most popular book-award contests in the world! Angels on Overtime won in the inspirational category and Fresh off the Starship won in the visionary category.

A very literary friend of mine once said, “I don’t want to hear that a book is inspirational, visionary, or metaphysical, because that implies I’m going to be taught something. I want a great story.” Well, these two are great stories, in addition to being inspirational and visionary.

I also want to share this Readers’ Favorite review I got for the audiobook version of Fresh off the Starship. I had no idea making audiobooks would be such a fun part of the whole book-making-and-publishing process. I love hearing the book come alive and the characters saying their words as they originally said them in my head. Herrrrrrrre’s the review and herrrrrrre’s the link to the audiobook:

Fresh off the Starship by Ann Crawford revolves around a being from eons of light years away whose mission on Earth is to steer people away from the course that could end all life on Earth. Her job was simple; all she had to do was land in Washington D.C. and put the plan into action with the right people. However, there is just one problem; instead of landing in Washington D.C, she landed in Kansas. When she wakes up, she has no recollection who she, where she is and why she is there. So she is lovingly dubbed Missy and her story on Earth begins when two men rescue her and bring her to a hospital. From there she just has to recover and find a way to save the planet.

Fresh off the Starship is a witty, whimsical and absolutely fantastic novel. From the start till the very end, this novel had me hooked and smiling at all times. Missy is such a cool character; she is calm, collected and ready to take charge of the situation however best she can. Despite her circumstances, she remained determined to complete her mission, even if her thoughts were jumbled in the beginning. I wasn’t expecting it to be a romantic comedy and thought it would be an adventure, but I was pleasantly surprised. The pace was fast and kept the momentum without it being too fast or too slow.

Missy was given enough time to wrap her head around the situation and then she was given ample page space to adapt. I enjoyed how her growth was not hurried. She was given time to appreciate Earth, grow to love it and look at it from a very different perspective than before. Ann Crawford’s voice gave life to the story. Every chapter was even more fun to listen to and enjoy in a new way. Her enunciation was on point; her reading style was exciting and soothing at the same time and the way she read the story made it even more entertaining. This is, by far, the best audiobook experience I have ever had. A fun, entertaining and absolute winner for me!