About Me

Hi, beautiful you! Thanks so much for visiting. Here are a few things about me……I believe in love at first sight, that good always prevails, and that we’re here for all of those wildwonderfulwayoutthere visions of ours to come alive.

I used to list where I’ve lived, but now it’s “Oh, all over.” I went from one shining sea to the other, then to the prairie, then to the mountain, just to combine and rock a couple of our patriotic songs here. My husband, who is the love of my life, and I awake to a view of the Colorado’s purple mountain majesties out the window. In addition to four humans, “family” includes a showtune-belting parrot who laughs even more than I do—quite a feat!

When I’m not circumnavigating the globe (all 50 states and 70 countries/territories and counting), performing with my improv team, communing with sea critters on the ocean floor (in my scuba gear), climbing every mountain (on the back of my husband’s motorcycle), or flying planes (at least as a student pilot for now), you can find me in my writing nest. I’m the author of the just-released Fresh off the Starship and Life in the Hollywood Lane, the mystical, magical Spellweaver (about a special healer during the witch hunts in Scotland), the hilarious Angels on Overtime, the deep Mary’s Message (about Mary Magdalene), and reach-for-the-stars Visioning.

I’m also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. I accompanied a group of vets back to Viet Nam and filmed them doing humanitarian work, returning to their Areas of Operation, and healing their wounds of war. The link to this movie is above. A few years later, I traveled around the world and interviewed people from all walks of life—heads of state, street kids, academics, artists….the folks of this world—on how they envisioned creating world peace. The trailer to that movie is also on the link above.

I’d love to know about you, too. Please find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest—just look for #AnnCrawfordAuthor. Or feel free to send me an email: ann@anncrawford.net. Loving blessings to you, always.