Worthy of Love

And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. 

Kahlil Gibran

Well, with all due respect to one of the all-time masters of prose, I couldn’t disagree more. Love never needs to find us worthy. Love is what we are.

There’s another line along these lines (!) that I object to, as well:

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you. Only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

We are a part of Life. We don’t need words spoken, realizations made, or activities done by an outside entity to realize our worthiness. Nothing out there needs to find us worthy, nothing out there will heal the soul….and the soul is healed the moment it recognizes this.

Manifesting Love with Love

Ever notice how nothing ever happens with angst? Rarely, anyway—sometimes those eleventh-hour miracles happen because that’s when folks will finally let them in.

My friends call me an amazing, master manifester. One time a friend asked, “Ann, what do you want?” It was one of those moments. I said, “More than anything in the world, I want to go around the world.” She didn’t tell me I was crazy or to get serious, that kind of thing. No, instead she said, “Get your passport. Write your itinerary.” The next thing I knew I was headed off around the world.

One thing I’m very good at manifesting very loving husbands – well, two, anyway, and not at the same time! Before my big trip, another friend asked, “What do you want out of this trip?” “A husband!” I answered. I was kidding…but not really. I came home with a husband.

When that relationship had gone its course and we outgrew each other, I was very clear that I wanted “a husband, a family, and a home filled with love, light and laughter.” Check, check, check.

I think manifesting is 93% clarity, 7% surrender…and 100% love.

My husband and I were matched on eHarmony on June 21, 2006. We met face to face on July 14. We were engaged on July 16. I had my little Prius packed and was on the road from California to Kansas on July 21.

The night before I was going to fly to Kansas to meet him for the first time, he asked me if I was sure. “I’m 93% sure,” I said. He still teases me about that. He was 100% sure. “You had me at Ann,” he loves to say. And then I burst into his life, he also loves to say.

Love Is What We Look With

As one of my favorite quotes goes (posted last Valentine’s Day), “We don’t have to look for love. Love is what we look with.” That’s from my book Angels on Overtime, which recently won a prestigious award. The rest of the quote goes like this:

Just for the record, you’re wrapped in the arms of love when you’re born, you’re wrapped in the arms of love when you die, you’re wrapped in the arms of love now, you’re wrapped in the arms of love always. You don’t need to look for love. Love is what you look with. It’s all that you are. Love of another is just the recognition of this love. Just sayin’.

Worthy? Yes, Just by Being Here

We are worthy of love, just by being who we are…here…now. Who, in the full realization of this love, would hurt another? This love is what creates us, masterpieces (we and masterpieces are one in the same thing, although in this case I mean art), scientific advances, medical cures—it all comes from Love knowing and creating more of Itself through and as us.

Love doesn’t direct our courses…love is the course. That’s all life is, ultimately: Love. Love. And more love.