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What if you woke up…human? I know, you do that every day and you’re quite good at it. But what if it was the very first time, and you woke up as an adult? I have to say the most fun part of writing this book was looking at typical Earth events – such as examining a sunflower, taking a shower, drinking a hot coffee heaped with whipped cream and caramel – and thinking “what if this was the very first time I did this?”

Here are two 5-star reviews with summaries included:

Written with a science-fiction-style twist….The heroine of our tale is Missy, a being from a race far across the galaxy, who is sent to Earth with a single mission: help humanity by whatever means she can. But something goes wrong in Missy’s travel plans, and instead of arriving in Washington, D.C. where she can help the world on a higher political scale, she ends up in Kansas. This strange environment presents challenges that Missy wasn’t prepared for, but she is determined to fulfill her mission no matter where she is. What follows is a light and enjoyable adventure that comments on human nature and the beauty of our world.

Sometimes you need to see the world through someone else’s eyes to appreciate what is still good about it and in the current state of the world, that’s more true than ever. The story author Ann Crawford presents is light but executed beautifully, lifting readers out of their contemporary misery to rediscover what it is about being alive that is so fantastic. Missy’s plot line [has] an amusing romance plot and a lot of misplacement and confusion on her part that’s very funny, but it was the wider ethos of the tale that really grabbed me. Overall, Fresh off the Starship is a brighter look at life today that is sure to keep you smiling from page to page.

~Readers’ Favorite



This truly is a wonderful story from a very talented writer. Smoothly-written prose, a fascinating, lightly-penned plot and a strong, slightly confused hero to cheer for.


This (sort of) fantasy novel is very, very different…in a good way. Firstly, the premise is cool. The story follows Missy – she’s a woman but we soon discover she’s not – from the Andromeda Galaxy. Waking up from a coma, she finds herself part of a family (human) with a husband (Matt), and what follows is a funny look at how she (it) attempts to conform to living on this planet.

So, what did I like? Well, the opening chapter is a real ‘grabber.’ I’m very fond of books which open with a ‘BANG!’ and not with endless paragraphs of flowery prose. Well, trust me, this opens ‘bizarre,’ hooking the reader into the story. Just a note, the characters’ western Kansas drawl can be a little ‘unsettling’ at first – I’m a Brit – but, don’t worry, it’s not difficult to follow.

The writing style…is fast-paced and flowery prose are, thankfully, kept to a minimum. However, in the first half of the book, the author works hard to describe character and setting in an interesting way. Take her description of a hospital room: Everything else is white. And gray. And some more white over there. With more gray. Rather fun, I think.

The author works particularly well with setting. She understands how important it is not to just simply describe the setting but, rather, have the characters interact with it in a natural and unobtrusive way. Many authors seem determined to describe every silver spoon and every woolly tunic. Thankfully, this author has not fallen into that trap. This is particularly important in this story, as the protagonist attempts to understand a totally different world.

There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested and the characters were interesting, quirky and well-developed. There are a lot of comical moments that, often as not, hit the mark; and the ending was excellent. Closing my computer, I knew I’d be happy to open another of this author’s books.

~The Wishing Shelf

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