Launch Day for Life in the Hollywood Lane

Hi wonderful everyone. It’s Launch Day for my latest, greatest book, Life in the Hollywood Lane. Click here to buy one—special launch-day Kindle price. Purchasing a book on launch day can really help launch an author…and I promise I’ll love you forever for it. (That’s actually not far from the truth, as I love very easily.)

Here’s a quickie about the book:

The story of 40-year-old Trish sparkles with wit and originality as she grapples with searching for success in Hollywood. This fun, quirky read will be relished by anyone looking to realize a long-held dream or remember the power of love. “5 Stars! A lightly written and often fascinating insight into the crazy world of Hollywood. I always try to suggest who I think will most enjoy a book….With this novel it is going to be a very long list.” ~The Wishing Shelf  “5 Stars! Trish’s story is compelling and universal in so many ways. Life in the Hollywood Lane is most highly recommended.” ~Readers’ Favorite

Oh, yes—there are those shiny 5-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite and The Wishing Shelf!

Here’s the synopsis:

Quirky, heart-opening, funny, poignant, up, down, and everywhere in between—that’s life and that’s Life in the Hollywood Lane.

Trish, an LA actor, is bereft with guilt after her best friend commits suicide. Glamorous yet tough-as-nails Hollywood is Trish’s backdrop and a reflection of her life as she stumbles on through an actor’s life of casting calls and premieres, rejection and acceptance. Slowly Trish releases the idea of how her life should be and embraces the messy, flawed, yet stunningly beautiful truth of how it is.

Trish’s humorous resilience and acceptance lead to transformation, surrender, and ultimately love. Author Ann Crawford’s trademark optimism for life and love shine through in this inspiring story that reminds us all that no matter what the question, love is always the answer.

Life in the Hollywood Lane is chockablock with LOL and aha moments. Also, know any folks who’ve been chasing a long-held dream? Do them a favor and gift them this book!

And here’s how yours truly came to write this masterpiece—all the wild-and-crazy things I’ve done in my life that resulted in this here book:

Ever feel like every stupid, crazy, wonderful, awful, boring, offbeat thing you’ve ever done was right on purpose because it brought you to this moment, right here and right now?

My background is allllllll over the place—literally. I’ve lived in all four continental time zones…from sea to shining sea to the prairie to the mountain (and, yes, I totally know I’m mixing my patriotic songs here as well as going backwards). I’ve traveled to 65+ counties (and counting) as well as all 50 states. I try to bring the fascinating people I’ve meet and places I’ve been into all of my books, and they especially show up in this one. (Okay, this is so not the bad part that I was referring to just a minute ago.)

Just about everything I’ve done in my life prepared me to write this book. I lived in California for many years and worked for a while as a documentary filmmaker and as a talent manager. The devotion my group of actors showed to their craft and how hard they worked—and how hard “the industry” is—left a profound impression on me. (This still isn’t the bad part I was talking about.)

As I was reading through the book to finalize it, I realized that not much in my life could’ve been different in order to make this book the way it is. Lots of the travels I’ve done, people I’ve met, filmmaking and screenwriting classes I’ve taken, the movies I’ve been in, the improv classes and team I’ve been a part of, myriad jobs and plays and movies I’ve been involved with, fellas I’ve dated (not quite as many as Trish, though), plus a lifetime of books and articles I’ve read and movies I’ve watched, not to mention the tragedies I’ve faced and mistakes I’ve made (that’s the bad part!) all make an appearance in this book. It’s quite a conglomeration!

A few years ago, when I was working as a talent manager, one of my actors committed suicide. A dear friend committed suicide a number of years before that, as well. So it’s certainly been a topic I’ve thought about…a lot. About a year after this beautiful, talented, vibrant woman died, this story came to me, making her the shero of her journey, no matter how it ended, as told through her BFF Trish.

Thank you for being a part of my life and for buying this book today!LifeHollywoodLane_front